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Great Task Examples

Our primary focus is developing software and doing DevOps for you. You don't need to hire a staff  and you don't have to deal with any unpredictable bills.

With Task Complete, you define the project and you define the amount of hours you would like to have dedicated to the project. You will be presented with a fixed total bill--no hidden fees or any additional costs.

If you define the detailed description really well, we will be able to jump straight into developing the software without having to ask you any additional questions ( do have the option to request a consultation if you feel your project requires it).

We encourage you to elaborate as best as you can.

An example of a great DevOps task

We need to reduce our current AWS bill by 50%

We currently have 100 t2.large EC2 instances in 2 regions behind 2 application ELBs. The EC2 instances do not process persistent workloads however, the PHP 7.1 application handles around 1000 daily connections.

We a single RDS instance and memcached is running on each EC2 instance.

Further details are available in the links below:

[AWS Configuration](

Please contact us and request AWS console access. You will also be required to sign a NDA. Please email back with a full name, company name and signature.

[NDA Agreement](

An example of a great software development task

We need to have our RESTful PHP API ported to NodeJS and hosted on AWS Lambda behind API gateway.

There is an existing PHP API codebase in the following Git repository:


Authenticate with the following details:

Password/Access token: 227a31fbe4fac37b21e4afbb6eb93001b166c11e

The API structure is described in the following PDF document:

(API Structure)[]

We also have a useful wiki:


We are happy for you to host the API in your AWS account for testing purposes. When the project is finished, please commit your code to a new Git branch in the “app01-rest-api” repository above.